Speeds across the water in one of these speed boats. A perfect activity to try with your friends on a day out. This is the perfect activity to try as an alternative to Jet Skiing, it also doesn't get you wet!

Want something with more luxury? Try renting a yacht for a weekend while on a trip to the Caribbean.

Welcome to Boats and Jet Skis

Is this for me?

If you enjoy being around water, love speed or enjoy the being the one with the elements, this can be the perfect activity for you. There are many options to choose from, but you can do all of them on your own or with your friends. At first you may find it a very different activity but soon you will get used to it and start enjoying the fun.

Jet Skis or other boating adventures?

If you enjoy speed, being close to water and a high chance of getting wet, there are many Jet Ski variants that you can try. If you enjoy a more peaceful way of getting around, you can try sailing, as it can be both exiting when you catch the gust of wind just right, and very peaceful if the winds are not as strong. You can also try kayaking, something that we recommend if you want to enjoy sightseeing near the coat. There are many places where it can be an incredible adventure.

Going on a cruise is another type of adventure, where you can go from one continent to another, or just have a cruise that will stop of at various locations allowing you to visit them in one go. There are always many ways to keep yourself entertained while onboard and out in the sea. The cruises vary from simple down a river cruise to those that take you half way across the plant and take a few months.

Where to try?

Most people try the various watercraft activities while on a holiday, but there are many places to try them in the UK. There are many experience safaris to go on to try the chosen activity. Although not required, we recommend trying the watercraft activities while under supervision from an instructor. There are many locations where you can hire your equipment and get tuition. Some water sports also have qualifications that can help you get along in more restricted areas and can help you save money on insurance.

How much does it cost?

The costs depend on the activity of choice and here we will give you a rough guide of what to expect from the activities that we go into. Most activities include rental of all the required equipment such as wet suits, buoyancy aids and some even have tuition included in the packages. Kayaking starts of at £20 per hour, although this strongly varies on depending on location. Jet Skis however come to around £90 and that depends on the Jet Ski that you are getting. Sailing is much more difficult, and mostly requires tuition, although if you are not out at sea, and are just at a lake, you can get everything you need for around £50 per hour.

Have a look around, see what you may enjoy, and then go out to try it. In any case it will be a great day out, although we do recommend going on a warm sunny day!

Personal Watercrafts for you

Do you want to experience the ultimate adrenalin rush as you experience the thrill and excitement of powering across the water? Try Jet Skiing once and you'll remember the thrill and excitement for the rest of your life! If you find Jet Skiing is not for you, you can always try other alternatives from power boats to sailing. We also recommend trying going on a cruise if you enjoy the calmness of water and would like to have a guided tour of various locations.

For beginners it is recommended to rent all the required equipment and go through tuition for your chosen water adventure. Please do pay special notice to safety briefings, as they do outline very important information that will keep you safe.

Our website covers many different choices of personal watercraft, but we will mainly focus on those that are with boats and jet skis, this will include sailing and kayaking.

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