Speeds across the water in one of these speed boats. A perfect activity to try with your friends on a day out. This is the perfect activity to try as an alternative to Jet Skiing, it also doesn't get you wet!

Want something with more luxury? Try renting a yacht for a weekend while on a trip to the Caribbean.

Boats and Jet Ski - Boating

Boating comes in many varieties, from power boating, to self powered boating. Sailing is something in the middle. Here we will give you an introduction to each type of boating activity that you can try, and from here you can learn more about what interests you most.

Motor Cruising

This is normally an adventure of its own, usually carried out on bigger boats so you do not have to worry about wind and water ruining your day. Most commonly these yachts are equipped with powerful engines allowing you to go far and fast. They come with many various onboard facilities, some even have beds onboard so you can make your trip last as long as you want it to.

RIBs & Sports Boats

These are smaller boats and normally have no roof. They are big enough to fit several people on and are a great amount of fun to get around in. These are generally used for fairly short trips or excursions as they do not provide much in terms of onboard facilities or protection from the elements. These boats are perfect for a family day out, or going on a tour.

Personal Watercraft (PW)

Personal Watercrafts or Jet Skis are all about speed and excitement. These boats are typically small with some only suited for a single person, although many can carry two people. In a summary all this is like a motorbike on water, with similar controls and layout. These have high speeds, manoeuvrability giving you the most thrilling ride you can get. With a number of varieties from those you sit on to even smaller standing versions these boats are a great way to spend your day out.


These machines are designed to go as fast as they can on water. There are also many different events that you can participate in, from various types of racing to just gently gliding along calm waters. With the technology evolving rapidly there are different boats available today, from those tuned to straight line racing to more agile varieties that can turn well too. These boats are not designed for rough waters so if you want to have a go in one you must go to a place without waves.


Sailing comes into a world of its own, with many sail ships without any conventional engines to power them along. These rely on the wind to get them across water, which can be exciting with stronger winds or very relaxing on a calmer day. There are many sailing events around the world proving that you can go from one continent to another relying only on the power of wind. These can be a little tricky to master at first and do require some patience, but once mastered can offer a great deal of entertainment.


This is a totally different way of getting around, mostly suited as a leisure activity, or indeed a more sporting adventure. With kayaking the only power you have is the one coming from you, which can be very tiring if it is done for a long time. The greatness of this is that you can go and see many different places without disturbing anyone with the noise of a Jet Ski, so it is suitable for watching wildlife or exploring the coastal areas.

Personal Watercrafts for you

Do you want to experience the ultimate adrenalin rush as you experience the thrill and excitement of powering across the water? Try Jet Skiing once and you'll remember the thrill and excitement for the rest of your life! If you find Jet Skiing is not for you, you can always try other alternatives from power boats to sailing. We also recommend trying going on a cruise if you enjoy the calmness of water and would like to have a guided tour of various locations.

For beginners it is recommended to rent all the required equipment and go through tuition for your chosen water adventure. Please do pay special notice to safety briefings, as they do outline very important information that will keep you safe.

Our website covers many different choices of personal watercraft, but we will mainly focus on those that are with boats and jet skis, this will include sailing and kayaking.

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