Speeds across the water in one of these speed boats. A perfect activity to try with your friends on a day out. This is the perfect activity to try as an alternative to Jet Skiing, it also doesn't get you wet!

Want something with more luxury? Try renting a yacht for a weekend while on a trip to the Caribbean.

Boats and Jet Ski - Holidays

Have you ever thought of sailing from UK to somewhere else? Or maybe racing along on water with your friends or family? Boating holidays might be just the thing for you!

When you go on a boat trip, you can discover and explore new places that you have never seen before. It can be an experience of its own, looking up at a cliff face while going along in a boat at the bottom. Or perhaps travelling long distances with only the wind to get you to where you are going.

Boating offers a very wide range of experiences from fast and thrilling to gentle and relaxing. You can try many of the water sports while abroad on holiday or in the UK. It does not matter what kind of boating experience you try, it will always be an unforgettable experience.

One of the main types of boating holidays is a beach water sports experience, which includes a range of activities like Jet Skis, surfing, wind serving, power boat racing and many more. A slightly different can be a canal or river cruise. This can be done with many different ways, on boats, or even on rafts with camping. Sailing stands in a category of its own, while there are some sailing activities you can do without going far, the best are multiday trips that take you a much longer distance.

There are many places that are great for sailing if you are a beginner, but the one we like the most is in the Mediterranean Islands tours. The area is also great for a number of other activities as well.

If you are looking for something that is faster to learn and closer to the UK, try the river and Canal cruises, there are over 4000 miles of water to travel and the training takes just a few hours.

Personal Watercrafts for you

Do you want to experience the ultimate adrenalin rush as you experience the thrill and excitement of powering across the water? Try Jet Skiing once and you'll remember the thrill and excitement for the rest of your life! If you find Jet Skiing is not for you, you can always try other alternatives from power boats to sailing. We also recommend trying going on a cruise if you enjoy the calmness of water and would like to have a guided tour of various locations.

For beginners it is recommended to rent all the required equipment and go through tuition for your chosen water adventure. Please do pay special notice to safety briefings, as they do outline very important information that will keep you safe.

Our website covers many different choices of personal watercraft, but we will mainly focus on those that are with boats and jet skis, this will include sailing and kayaking.

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