Speeds across the water in one of these speed boats. A perfect activity to try with your friends on a day out. This is the perfect activity to try as an alternative to Jet Skiing, it also doesn't get you wet!

Want something with more luxury? Try renting a yacht for a weekend while on a trip to the Caribbean.

Boats and Jet Ski - Locations

United Kingdom surrounded by sea is a great place for water sports. You can go west , east or south to find your perfect location. There are also many clubs, renting locations to satisfy your interest in any of the listed: Jet Skiing, Boating, Sailing or Kayaking.

Below you will find popular locations for all of listed above.

Jet Skiing top location in the UK is Poole (Bournemouth). It takes just 2 hours to get from London and good for weather. Club named “Jetski Safaris” offers Jet Skis for hire, training courses and corporate events.

There are many appealing routes for boating in the UK however one of the most remarkable of them is river Thames. The river passes through London as well as picturesque and historically rich locations of the UK. If you would like to try boating out at sea, you can go to one of many Jet Ski locations as they generally offer other types of boating activities in the area as well.

For fans of sailing we would recommend of Isle of Wight. This is one of the best places out of many lakes and isles of the UK. Famous for Cowes Week regatta and being one of the primary locations of UKSA courses the place would be ideal for newcomers and advanced sailors.

Kayaking in the UK benefits from inland destinations including lakes, rivers and canals as well as coastline for unique scenery experience. We would recommend visiting Snowdonia National Park for The National White Water Centre on river Tryweryn. Grade 4 rapids are guaranteed at this location for more experienced kayakers. Taster sessions, training and equipment is available.

Personal Watercrafts for you

Do you want to experience the ultimate adrenalin rush as you experience the thrill and excitement of powering across the water? Try Jet Skiing once and you'll remember the thrill and excitement for the rest of your life! If you find Jet Skiing is not for you, you can always try other alternatives from power boats to sailing. We also recommend trying going on a cruise if you enjoy the calmness of water and would like to have a guided tour of various locations.

For beginners it is recommended to rent all the required equipment and go through tuition for your chosen water adventure. Please do pay special notice to safety briefings, as they do outline very important information that will keep you safe.

Our website covers many different choices of personal watercraft, but we will mainly focus on those that are with boats and jet skis, this will include sailing and kayaking.

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