Best Car Repair Shop: AC Auto Repair |

AC Auto Repair

Readers chose AC Auto Repair as the Best Car Repair Shop in the 2020 Best of Racine County Contest.

First place: AC Auto Repair, 2819 S. Memorial Drive, Racine, 262-637-9944

Second place: Pinkalla Auto Solutions LLC, 3059 Durand Ave., Racine

Third place: Stu’s Auto Services, 3824 Washington Ave., Racine

What makes your business the best in Racine County?

We follow the golden rule. We treat people the way we want to be treated. We work together as a team and treat everyone like family.

When mistakes or mishaps do happen, we always do our best to make up for it and please the customers.

We try our best to fit everyone in at the best convenience and always welcome anyone in need.

Owner Tony Coey is a very good-hearted and generous person. He truly enjoys helping people. Often letting people stop in to make sure they are safe if they have to wait for availability all the way to plugging a tire and not charging just because.

Coey thinks outside the box and always finds a way to get the job done within the price range that the customer needs to be.

We do what we can and we give as much as we can. We have an awesome team that is ready to help. We are also very flexible with our hours, often meeting after hours if that’s what the customer needs. Every situation is different and we understand that.

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