Strom Citybike is Currently the World’s Most Affordable e-bike

From huge and powerful motors like the Kuberg, to durable and silent operation like the Wildtan, we seem to be seeing more and more e-bikes.

That being said, Strom, a company out of Denmark, is also catching the e-bike wave. But they’re approach to the e-bike business allows for one of the most affordable e-bikes around, if not the most. Seeing that e-bikes on the market were out of reach for the common man, they’ve taken action and developed an affordable e-bike with a modern minimalist look.

Their main model is known as the Citybike, and for an estimated $1,177 (995 Euro), the standard version can be acquired. But we’re going to be talking about their slightly more expensive but faster variation.

To start, the frame is composed of 6061 aluminum, giving the bike a sturdy and durable frame that’s also quite lightweight, coming in at just 52 pounds (24 kg). One of the factors of the frame construction is that Strom produces all of them in house. By using their own production lines and equipment, they are able to offer the affordable e-bike that you see. They cover the entire product process from design to manufacturing, importing and selling.

The design for the bike is actually quite simple and in tune with modern designs. It’s not some out-there design like the INgSOC, and this is the main reason why it’s so attractive. The classic tube frame keeps thing simple and clean, while the battery sits atop the lower part of the frame and doesn’t even look as if it’s there. We won’t see any suspension on this model, but you could probably change your fork if you’d like to.

Battery power is provided by a Samsung 10.4 Ah cell that gives the city it’s 37-mile (60km) range. The initial Strom designs included a very large and bulky battery which we could see protruding off the frame like a tumor, while the City design shows nothing of the sort. But one cool thing she can do is charge your mobile device while you’re taking that ride.

Next up is the custom Strom motor. A 250 W beast is sure to take care of you if you’re lunch is all burned up and you need to make it home. And it will do it with a top speed of 20 mph (32kph). To make sure you can safely stop, we have the option of mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes.

We don’t have any information as to whether or not there are any sort of ride modes on the City, but we do know she does allow for a classic bike ride with a seven-speed Shimano gear system.

As I mentioned earlier, Strom takes pride in covering all steps of the product process. Everything from fenders, to saddles, lights, grips, handlebars, and even wiring, is all Strom. It’s because of this business model that we will be seeing more and more Stroms on the streets, until somebody offers a better product at a better price.

But for now, these boys are at the top of their game.

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