The 15 Best Commuter Bikes, City Bikes, And E-Bikes Of 2020

Debora Carley

Christine Giordano Whether you’re commuting to work or making a grocery store run, bicycling can be one of the quickest (and most enjoyable!) ways to get from point A to point B. And, of course, it just so happens to be a great workout and one of the most environmentally-friendly […]

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Christine Giordano

Whether you’re commuting to work or making a grocery store run, bicycling can be one of the quickest (and most enjoyable!) ways to get from point A to point B. And, of course, it just so happens to be a great workout and one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to travel in the game. Well, if you’ve got the right set of wheels, that is.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or haven’t ridden a bike (aside from the stationary bike) since middle school, biking around your town (or city) is easiest done with a commuter bike.

Unlike speedy-looking road bikes, commuter bikes are generally pretty simple and comfortable. No cushioned bike shorts or crouchy, aerodynamic position necessary. These bikes feel nice and sturdy, so you can handle any potholes and bumpy roads that come your way, too.

Of course, if you really want to get to your destination fast (or you just don’t want to break a sweat on your way there), you can upgrade from a standard commuter bike to an E-bike, or electric bike, which has a built-in motor that propels you along.

Whatever ride you go for, though, make sure to get fitted at a bike store beforehand to keep your cycling comfy and injury-free. And, of course, stick to bike paths and lanes as much as possible when you hit the streets—especially if you live in a busy city, like me!

Not sure where to even start? If you’re ready to cruise, check out these 15 tried-and-true commuter bikes. All of them are highly-rated and backed by rave reviews from commuters and road-riders who’ve already got their feet in the pedals.

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Best Three-Speed Bike

EVRYjourney Women’s Hybrid Cruiser



If you’re looking for a few gears but not too many, a three-speed cruiser bike like this step-through style by Sixthreezero is perfect for leisurely commuting. And thanks to the retro-inspired design, it’s super cute, too!  

The aluminum frame is lightweight and front and rear hand brakes make stopping easy-peasy, while a foot-forward design helps maintain proper leg extension with every pedal. 

This bike is complete with upright handlebars, a dual-spring saddle, and semi-slick tires for a cushioned, stable ride and maximum comfort.

Rave Review: “I soooo LOVE this bike!!! After owning it for a month and taking it on MANY outings, I just love this mode of transportation!! The shifting is AWESOME!!! I have always had hybrids/mountain bikes or road bikes (for triathlons) with two-hand gear shifts. This single handle-shift is very fluid. I just shift the crank back and forth with one hand and it switches between gears nicely and quickly.”—SwimMom,

  • Under $500
  • Stylish curved design
  • Some reviewers find assembly tricky
  • Aluminum frame is less durable than steel


Best Budget Folding Bike

Loop Adult Folding Bike



This compact bike is excellent for small spaces and travel sans bike rack. It folds up easily for clutter-free storage and can accommodate up to six-foot riders. 

Don’t assume the foldable design lacks functionality, though. With seven speeds, it tackles hills and cuts through winds with a convenient rear carry rack and nylon carry bag. Final touches include a kickstand and durable steel hinges, making it an exceptional, affordable bike.

And, if I do say so myself, it’s got a little more style than most foldable options.

Rave Review: “I love this bike! There wasn’t much to put it together and it was easy to unfold. I fold and unfold it daily and it takes less than a minute. I would definitely recommend this bike to anyone who needs a bike to fit easily in their vehicle and needs to use it on a daily basis.”— Brittany,

  • Includes rear carry rack, nylon carry bag, and kickstand
  • Compact, foldable design great for small spaces
  • Reasonably priced
  • Some reviewers find the seat too hard


Best Hybrid Bike

CTY 2.2 Bike

Co-Op Cycles


If you’re willing to invest in a basic commuter bike, this multi-gear style from Co-Op is a crowd favorite. 

As a hybrid, it combines the best of a cruiser, mountain, and road bike into one, smooth-riding commuter bike. It features a lightweight aluminum frame, 27 smooth-shifting gears, a front suspension fork for bumps, and hydraulic disc brakes.

The best part? Its platform pedals make it easy to ride no matter what shoes you’re wearing.

Rave Review: “I’ve had this bike for almost a year, and it does not disappoint. I use it as a commuter (7 miles each way), long weekend rides, and quick trips around town. I was torn between a suspension fork and a rigid one, but the ability to lock out the suspension is a game-changer. Breaks have great stopping power. Great on the limestone trails near me, road, hills, and bumps.”  —Elijah, 

  • Loads of functionality for any type of ride
  • Aluminum frame is less durable than steel
  • Some say seat is uncomfortable


Best Foldable Bike

Node D7i Folding Bike

If you live in a small space or change up the way you commute (i.e., bike one way and carpool home), a foldable bike is a must. The Node D7i Folding Bike by Tern is as sleek as it is compact, featuring a clean, modern design in gunmetal or ivory. 

It’s packed with functionality, too. A seven-speed internal gear hub (this means the chain and gearing system are encased) helps to create a safer, more relaxed, less-grimy ride. And, you can shift while coasting, backpedaling, or at a complete standstill.  

It also has built-in lighting with a power-generating hub, swept-back handlebars, integrated fenders, and a freight rack.

Rave Review: “This bike is so easy to ride and adjusts to fit you so the ride is very close to a full-size bike. Taking it with you, it folds up easy and fast. The lights on the bike don’t have to be charged, just turn them on and pedal. I have owned a few bikes and this one is it.”— Razzikasper,

  • Foldable design makes its frame slightly compact
  • Aluminum frame is less durable than steel


Best Family-Friendly Bike

GSD S10 Electric Bike

For family rides, the Tern GSD S10 electric bike can carry two kids (it’s compatible with child seats!) without being any longer than the standard E-bike.

Plus, thanks to folding technology, it swiftly compacts to a third of its full size for easy storage. 

The low step-through frame makes getting on and off with kiddies easy peasy, and, thanks to the Class-1 pedal assist, it’s optimized for performance and power when you’re riding uphill with little ones in tow.

Rave Review: “Our family had been eyeing this bike for over a year and we finally pulled the trigger and purchased. 100 miles in and we could not be happier. The bike works for me and my husband and our toddler and 4 year old love it, too. It’s really thoughtfully designed for city living. While we looked at less expensive options, the GSD really was the perfect bike for our family. The other day we went food shopping and got up a huge hill with a bunch of groceries on the front rack and two kids sitting on the back, no problem. We look forward to using it for many years to come!”

  • Adjusts to fit riders from 4’8″ to 6’4″
  • Hydraulic disc brakes and pedal assist for safety and ease
  • Heavy (more than 59 pounds)
  • $$$$


Most Instagrammable Bike

C7 Bike



Sometimes the biggest motivator to try something new is stylish, Instagrammable gear. Enter: this charming multi-speed frame bike. 

A modern take on European design, it looks like it belongs on cobblestone streets sporting a darling basket full of flowers. It’s packed with functionality, though, too. 

The lightweight, step-through steel frame allows for graceful mounting and dismounting. Plus, the bike has curved, upright handlebars, and easy-shift gears that can take you from a flat road to a steep incline, and dual-pivot brakes for safety and ease.

Perhaps most important, though: the puncture-resistance commuter tires, which make for a smooth ride over the roughest of streets. 

Plus, the sleek chain guard and full fenders keep your outfit photo-ready.

Rave Review: “I bought this bike in September 2013. More than six years later, it is still going strong. I do not own a car, so this bike has taken me to and from work (about seven miles round trip) every day. Do yourself a favor and buy this bike!”

“This bike feels very sturdy and well-built. The gears shift easily. The hand grips feel good even after long distances. The seat is a little hard, but that’s to be expected, in my opinion. As a 5’1″ woman, I really appreciate the low bar for fast and easy stop-and-go transportation.” —Caroline,

  • Aesthetically-pleasing design
  • Puncture-resistant commuter tire
  • Step-through frame, chain guard, and full fenders for outfit-friendly riding
  • Instructions can be confusing
  • Cute accessories for customization are sold separately


Best Under-$500 Bike

Urban Commuter Bike

Pure Cycles


No bike is more city-sleek than this eight-speed commuter bike by Pure Cycles. It features a lightweight steel frame, which is more durable and can absorb more vibration from the road (a.k.a. less bumpy) than aluminum. 

An extra-padded seat and upright handlebars with all-weather grips ensure a comfortable ride, while disc brakes, slick tires, and a dual chain guard keeps your spinning smooth.

The best part? It’s under $500! Okay, by just a dollar. But a great value nonetheless.   

Rave Review: “Excellent commuter and weekend bike. I’ve had this bike for over a year. I primarily use it to commute around town, which often includes me riding with a kid seat and a trailer. I really enjoy riding it. It’s also a great weekend bike. Took it camping to Acadia and it was perfect on the carriage trails. Very glad I purchased it!”

“I use the bike for my everyday commute for about two miles each way. The seat is comfortable, the shifter is smooth, and the brakes work great. I would recommend it due to the amazing price for such a quality bike. Also, remember that Pure Cycles offer lifetime Frame and Fork Warranty!” —Amiz,

  • Sleek design
  • Comfortable seat and riding position
  • Handlebars flatter than some prefer


Best Electric Bike

Townie Go! 8i Step-Thru



With multiple levels of power—eco, tour, sport, and turbo—this electric bike is fab for beginners and experts alike (though it is an investment).  

Thanks to pedal-assist, patented Flat Foot Technology®, an ergonomic, shock-absorbing seat, and a step-through frame, you’ll ride in comfort with an upright posture that lets you easily place both feet flat on the ground when coming to a stop.  

There are plenty of extras, too, like a heavy-duty rear rack, front and rear LED lighting, and a battery lock.

Rave Review: “What freedom! I have had my eye on an Electric bike to commute and get to some more difficult destinations in the Bay Area. My Townie GO! 8i completely fits my needs. It is a sturdy bike that makes riding a joy. When there are so many distractions to be cautious of riding on the street my attention can stay focused on my safe travels instead of focusing on intense physical demands the environment requires. It’s really beautiful, too! 

  • Electric pedal-assistance for varied terrain
  • Lots of comfort-enhancing features
  • At 54 pounds, it’s heavier than non-electric bikes
  • $$$$


Best Dress-Friendly Bike

Dutchi 3i



Getting both legs on either side of a bike before take-off generally requires a high-kick of sorts. This makes a bike that’s easy to get on and off of quite appealing, especially in a dress. The Linus Dutchi 3i steel three-speed bike features a super-low step-through frame that’s not only dress-friendly for commutes but also cute and retro-looking—a win-win!  

Even better? The springy brown leatherette saddle and upright handlebars (hand-stitched with genuine brown leather) make it super comfortable for everyday use.

Rave Review: “This is the perfect bike for getting around the city. I live in Atlanta and the city streets can be rough so I was a little worried this bike may not be sturdy enough but it is perfect! In addition to the smooth ride, it’s just a beautifully designed and classic looking bike. I have had several people stop me and ask where I got it. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a functional and fashionable bike for commuting or cruising.” —Tamara,

  • Second layer of protective clear coat added to paint
  • Extras include rear rack, front and rear reflectors, alloy kickstand
  • Lots of cute colors to choose from
  • Less functionality than other options


Best Bargain Bike

Harper Fixed-Gear / Single-Speed Bike



The Harper by Retrospec is a crazy-affordable hybrid bike that’s still a stylish way to get from point A to point B. But don’t be fooled by its looks or low price tag: This bike is built to perform.  

Just flip the back wheel and you can take a load off from fixed-gear riding (which guarantees a workout!) and switch to single-speed cruising. 

The riser handlebars improve posture for a comfortable ride, while powerful front and rear hand brakes make for exceptionally controlled stops. Plus, machined braking surfaces are engineered onto the rims for safer, faster, and more efficient stopping.

Rave Review: “I love this bike. It rides very smoothly, is quick to assemble, and the friction force of the brakes is extremely good. The adjustable seat is very helpful and I love the color (it actually looks way better in person!).”— Jodiann,

  • Steel frame with a strong braking system
  • Single-speed/fixed-speed hybrid
  • Fewer gears = more strenuous to ride
  • Reviewers report sizing chart issues, often resulting in a too-big bike
  • Exposed chains
  • Less functionality than some reviewers prefer


Best Vintage-Style E-Bike

Premiere Edition Bluejay Mint Green

Blue Jay Bikes


Aesthetics are important, but so is an efficient commute. Meet the Bluejay Premiere Edition Mint Green bike, which combines the best of both. 

This Class-1 electric cycler makes commuting feel effortless while looking stylish with five pedal-assist levels and a darling vintage design. A 350-watt mid-drive motor and long-lasting battery (up to 75 miles of riding between charges!) ensures plenty of power when you need it but not so much that you feel out of control or unsafe.  

This bike also comes with an eight-speed internal gear hub (smooth-ride, guaranteed), hydraulic disc brakes (for quick but safe stops), and a control panel that displays speed, battery life, lights, and mileage (and has a handy USB port). The adjustable comfort saddle and handlebar with ergonomic grips are the perfect final touches.

Rave Review“Overall, I am so happy with my Bluejay! I literally spent two years looking for the right eBike—a cute, mom-friendly step-thru with the requisite accessories, but also the build to handle hills, carry a toddler, and even hit the gravel path. I’m happy to report that the Bluejay has delivered on all these fronts. Customer service has also been five-stars, with attention to detail and customer delight.”— Elizabeth,

  • Extras included: rear rack, vintage-style front and rear lights, vintage-style bell
  • Cute vintage style
  • Heavier weight (55 pouns)
  • Aluminum frame is less durable than steel


Best City Bike

Booz ST Urban Bike 2020



With a sleek, performance-driven design, this bike is made for no-nonsense city commuting. The steel frame is ultra-lightweight and equipped with 11 speeds, flat handlebars with grips, and wide tires that help you control your pace.  

TwinTip adjustable geometry forks help you adjust the bike or style of your ride for a mix of terrain, from pavement to cobblestone to cement.

Rave Review: “I got this bike in December 2019 with the intention of using it as a daily workhorse in all weather as part of my daily commute. So far, it has been a pleasure to ride and has done everything I’ve asked of it. I’ve even ventured onto a few bridleways, and found it to be a really easy bike to live with.”— Foolchild,

  • Ultra lightweight (approximately 23 pounds)
  • Tread tires


Best Classic Bike

The Women’s Bixby



The Shinola Women’s Bixby is an aesthetically pleasing bike with a classic design. It features a modern three-speed internal hub with disc brakes for a smooth and comfortable ride.  

The steel frame is lightweight and easy to maneuver, and features stylish finishes, including a Shinola leather seat (specifically fitted for women) and gripped handlebars.

Rave Review: “I’ve had this bicycle since 2014 and have ridden it as primarily my commuter, my around-towner for shopping, and for special events where I dress up in cute poofy dresses with it. I’ve even taken it out to bicycle camping twice. I’m nearing 7,000 miles with this bike and I love its style so much that it doesn’t compare to any other bike like it (I’m really picky about how I want my bike to look).”— Jill,

  • Saddle designed for comfort
  • Beautiful aesthetics


Best City-To-Country Bike

Square Cross 1.8 Urban Bike

Ghost’s Square Cross 1.8 Urban Bike is perfect for city-dwellers that double as outdoor enthusiasts. 

Suspension forks and reliable gears (27 of them, to be exact!) will give you traction and help you pace through bumpy streets and dirt roads alike. 

Plus, in inclement weather, the hydraulic disc brakes guarantee dependable, all-weather stopping power. This bike can truly handle it all.

Rave Review: “I’m not a bike person, I literally know nothing about them, but I love how easy this bike is to ride, it’s smooth, has smooth gear changes and is a sturdy ride on road and off road.” 

  • Simple, easy-to-use design
  • Moderately priced
  • Many gears
  • Alloy frame less durable than steel


Smartest E-Bike

Turbo Como 4.0



If you want to think (okay, work) less and enjoy your ride a lot more, The Turbo Como 4.0 bike by Specialized learns your riding style.  

With a customized 1.2 Rx Street-tuned motor that’s fully integrated with the frame, it’s a recipe for no-sweat city riding. The engine intuitively reacts to your pedaling force, so the harder you pedal, the more power it delivers.  

Meanwhile, the internal belt drive design eliminates vibration for the smoothest and most silent ride possible.

Rave Review: “I just bought this Turbo Como 4.0 after trying a couple other brands. This bike put the fun back in cycling! I can bike as hard as I want and or cruise and enjoy! Thank you for such a FUN bike!!” —TthePoodleMama,

  • Comfortable seat
  • Hydraulic disc brakes, bell, and grippy, reflective pedals enhance safety
  • $$$$
  • Aluminum frame less durable than steel

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