These 1:64-Scale Custom Die-Cast Cars are Modified Micro Greatness

In the world of custom die-cast 1:64-scale toy cars, enthusiast builders replicate most of the cosmetic stuff people do to full-size vehicles—swap wheels, repaint shells, widen tracks, extend fenders, etc.—except they work in miniature. Here we’re taking a look at the tuner-car creations of a builder who goes by the handle ART Customs 1/64. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, ART Customs starts with cars from brands such as Hot Wheels, and every car he builds is unique—no two are alike, he claims. (He also sells his creations.)

Armed with tools like sandpaper, superglue, a vice, and a rotary tool like a Dremel, among other instruments, 1:64-scale die-cast car customizers—also known as Hot Wheels customizers, for obvious reasons—start their projects the same way most people do when modifying a full-size car: by taking it apart. There are well-documented methods for deconstructing and reconstructing these wee whips, one of the best sources we found is Alex Whaley, who shares all of his expertise via his site While the process is intricate and requires a steady hand, Alex also warns it’s fairly addicting, and seeing he results of modifications like engine swaps and widebody fender applications, we can see the potential in customizing our favorite toy cars.

For his part, ART Customs has made some impressive small-scale replicas of Japanese and European vehicles, a few of which we’ve gathered for you here, including Hondas, Nissans, BMWs, and Porsches, among others. If you’re interested in ordering and purchasing one of ART Customs’ one-off micro cars, you can contact him via his Facebook page.

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