What to get 7-year-olds as the royal family celebrates

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This is one of two pictures released to mark the royal’s seventh birthday, taken by his mother: The Duchess of Cambridge Turning seven is a big deal. Less than your lifetime over again and you’ll be a teenager! Mums and dads might prefer not to dwell on that, but this […]

This is one of two pictures released to mark the royal's seventh birthday, taken by his mother: The Duchess of Cambridge
This is one of two pictures released to mark the royal’s seventh birthday, taken by his mother: The Duchess of Cambridge

Turning seven is a big deal. Less than your lifetime over again and you’ll be a teenager!

Mums and dads might prefer not to dwell on that, but this age is all about feeling like a big kid.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are celebrating their eldest child, Prince George’s seventh birthday today, and marked the occasion by sharing two new photographs taken by his mother on the official Kensington Royal Instagram.

There is seemingly no end to the number of things you can do when you’re seven, from reading to yourself and making your own sandwich to riding a bike without stabilisers and doing somersaults.

And yet (whisper it) at seven years old you’re actually still pretty little. Still a long way from reaching double digits and (thankfully) too young for a mobile phone – so the key to choosing the best gift is to find something that celebrates the child’s growing independence, but recognises that they’re not (yet) too big to enjoy all the lovely comforts of childhood.

We’ve chosen a range of gifts for seven year olds suitable for both Christmas and birthday presents, which we think will be met with approval.

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Micro Scooters cruiser personalised: £129.95, Micro Scooters

Our tester already had a three-wheeled toddler scooter but was keen to make the transition to scooting on two wheels – a big step, requiring a different level of balance and co-ordination. She took to this like a duck to water, thanks to the large 200mm wheels and quirky bicycle style handlebars which seem to make it much easier to control than other two-wheeled scooters. We love that it folds and has its own kickstand – great for encouraging independence and helping kids get to grips with looking after their stuff.

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So Slime DIY slimelicious station: £19.99, Smyths Toys

Slime is still cool when you’re seven, and making your own slime in your very own slime factory is even cooler still. This makes a fab gift – the box is suitably big and fun-looking and the contents exceeded our expectations. You can make 16 different slimes, including scented ones, and all you have to do is add water and shake.

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‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ by Margery Williams: £34.95, The Folio Society

What better way to mark the sense that seven year olds are both big kids and yet still quite little in some ways, than with a keepsake copy of a classic children’s story to treasure? This beautiful collectable book is the story, written in 1922, of a cloth rabbit’s quest to become real. The Folio Society worked with the illustrator’s grandson and returned to the first edition to create a reproduction of every page, as well as individually restoring Nicholson’s illustrations to their original.

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Xplora Go watch: £99.99, Amazon

Mobile phones seem to feature on kids’ wish lists long before most parents would even contemplate actually giving them one. A mobile watch is one way to get round being pestered for a phone – this one can make and receive calls from pre-saved numbers but control all the functionality and settings from the parental control app. You can set up GPS and safety zones around key locations such as home and school, and the SOS button can be pressed by the child to notify emergency contacts of their location

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Fart ninja: £5.99, The Entertainer

It’s difficult to explain the appeal of Fart Ninja Toys but let’s just say seven-year-olds need no explanation. Think of these as whoopee cushions for the 21st century. And yes, the actually fart. Enough said.

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American Originals snow cone maker: £31.99, Amazon

Our tester has wanted one of these for ages, and this didn’t disappoint. Adult supervision is required, of course, but she can create delicious snow cones (think Slush Puppies) from standard ice cubes. We had to buy a stash of flavoured syrups and more paper cones for serving them, but it more than coped with our snow cone party.

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The Kindness Co-op kids earth sweatshirt: £26, The Kindness Co-op

We love this sweatshirt. The Kindness Co-op is on a mission to promote kindness towards each other (especially among children) and to the environment, so its launched an exclusive range featuring designs from illustrator Susie Hammer. With every kids clothing purchase from this collection, kids get a gorgeous illustrated activity booklet and sticker sheet and become official “kindness ambassadors”. The sweatshirt is lovely quality and the slogan – be kind to our planet – appeals to the little eco-warrior who tested it for us.

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Roblox star commandos mix and match set: £14.99, Roblox

Again, it’s tricky to explain what kids love about Roblox characters but trust us – if you pop this set in front of a couple of seven-year-olds, you’ll get at least five minutes’ peace, and possibly a whole afternoon to yourself. A bit like Minecraft, Roblox is an online game that kids can play on a phone, tablet or web browser. Our tester isn’t allowed to play the game itself, yet somehow knows all about the characters from playground chatter, so these toys still have plenty appeal.

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Oaxis myFirst wireless headphones: £24.99, Maplin

Stop your youngsters stealing your headphones with a pair of their very own wireless headphones. These are adjustable and lightweight with soft ear pads. They have a 12-hour battery life so they’re ideal for long journeys, and there’s even a built-in microphone so they’re suitable for young gamers. The volume is limited to a max of 85dB to prevent hearing damage to children.

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FurReal Cubby, the curious bear: £69.99, Amazon

Our tester was smitten with this interactive teddy as soon as it arrived. Some seven-year-olds might deem teddy bears a bit babyish – it’s suitable for kids aged four and up, and we initially wondered whether it might be better suited to a younger child – but this is so much more than a teddy. Cubby can move its head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and arms, and makes 100+ sound and motion combinations. For kids who love cuddlies, this is the stuff childhood wish lists are made of!

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A Waste Free World shark zipper organic lunch bag: £25.99, A Waste Free World

The seven-year-olds we know are already pretty eco-conscious and keen to make choices that are kind to the planet. This shark lunch bag is gorgeous: it’s organic and washable, so you can ditch single-use plastic when it comes to packing a yummy lunch. It also has an interior pocket.

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Lego hidden side graveyard mystery: £24.99, Argos

Our seven year old tester absolutely loved this augmented reality Lego set. Designed to give kids a new way to play with building bricks, you get the buildable Lego set plus host of fun, interactive extras including a ghost to battle, mysteries to solve, items to find and games to play.

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The verdict: Gifts for 7-year-olds

The Micro Cruiser scooter is by far the most played with item out of all those we tested. It has brought hours of fun and we think it’s great value, despite the price tag, as it’ll continued to be played with for years to come. For a smaller budget, the Kids Earth Sweatshirt by The Kindness Co-op has become our tester’s most favourite item of clothing.

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