Speeds across the water in one of these speed boats. A perfect activity to try with your friends on a day out. This is the perfect activity to try as an alternative to Jet Skiing, it also doesn't get you wet!

Want something with more luxury? Try renting a yacht for a weekend while on a trip to the Caribbean.

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Jet Ski Eperience

Jet Skiing is a unique personal watercraft experience. A jet ski is a small personal water craft designed to carry only 1-2 people. These little boats are more like motorbikes on water, providing a great deal of excitement and play around water.

In the UK, Jet Skiing is mostly done around the coastal areas out at sea, with many Jet Ski safaris offering hire for all the equipment that you need. Jet Skis offer a perfect day out by yourself or with your friends. There are also many corporate offers available for a great day out with your company staff. This is a great activity for both beginners and experienced, and if you haven’t tried it yet we recommend trying it at least once. This is definitely an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for a long time. For a beginner we believe a Jet Ski safari is suited best, as both all the hire and tuition is available.

What is a Jet Ski safari?

A Jet Ski safari is when you get a full service including training and equipment hire in one pack. The instructors will give you a safety briefing and instructions for the Jet Ski. You do not need to have any prior experience before trying this out. Once you are ready the instructor will take you out to sea and get you comfortable on the Jet Ski. When you get more used to the Jet Ski there are two main options, go on a guided safari around the coastline or the instructor will let you have fun on your own.

How long does a Jet Ski safari last?

There is a great variety across different safari providers as to how much time you get on water, some will only let you go on water for about 15 minutes, and the whole thing will take around one hour. However some will allow more water time, but if you are a beginner, it is safe to assume that one hour of water time will take approximately two hours of your time, as this includes the tuition and the safety briefing. It is advisable to arrive half an hour before the session to allow getting changed into the wetsuit, please also note it will take around the same time to change back.

Can I go on my own or does it have to be a group?

Generally one person can book a safari and will pay a single person price, but group bookings are recommended due to discounts.

Should I be able to swim?

It is advisable to be able to swim when taking part in a safari, and most providers will ask if you can swim. This is due to the fact that the Jet Skis will take you to deep water and if you fall off it, you will need to get back to the Jet Ski. If you cannot swim you should look for alternatives like powerboats or other.

Can I hire a Jetski without an Instructor?

Most Jet Ski safaris will not allow you to book if you do not book with an instructor, this is due to the safety briefing of the area and insurance. If you are a qualified however, there are many places that will allow you to book, we do advise you to attend the local safety briefing if it is your first time in the area.

What are the group sizes?

The group sizes vary, but they are normally rather small and also depend on the type of Jet Ski used. Generally speaking it is 1-6 people but larger group activities can be booked.

What is the minimum age to attend a Jet Ski safari?

To go on your own, you should be over 18 years of age. Children aged 14-17 can are allowed to drive the Jet Ski but must be accompanied by an adult on the same Jet Ski. Children of 10-13 years old can come as a passenger.

How weather dependent are the safaris?

The only condition that can stop you having a go is high winds that can create rough sea, the safaris will generally notify you of this and try to rearrange if possible. If the sun isn’t there, it is not a problem, you would quickly forget about that once you start riding. The cold weather is also not a problem as full wetsuits are available and will keep you warm at all times.

What should I bring to a safari?

Generally everything is provided by the safari provider, this should include a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and a helmet. The only thing that you will need is swimwear, towel and some shoes you are happy to get wet.

Safaris tend to run every day and even have evening sessions so why not find an experience that suits you and book your thrilling day out!

Personal Watercrafts for you

Do you want to experience the ultimate adrenalin rush as you experience the thrill and excitement of powering across the water? Try Jet Skiing once and you'll remember the thrill and excitement for the rest of your life! If you find Jet Skiing is not for you, you can always try other alternatives from power boats to sailing. We also recommend trying going on a cruise if you enjoy the calmness of water and would like to have a guided tour of various locations.

For beginners it is recommended to rent all the required equipment and go through tuition for your chosen water adventure. Please do pay special notice to safety briefings, as they do outline very important information that will keep you safe.

Our website covers many different choices of personal watercraft, but we will mainly focus on those that are with boats and jet skis, this will include sailing and kayaking.

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